Top Ten – No Background iPhone Processes

First of all I have to say I loathe the idea that Apple is not allowing background processes (per their documentation). Not to say Apple won’t change those provisions, but as-is, I don’t agree with disallowing background processes. On to the list (no particular order):

  1. mac worms (the kind that would spread across macs and iphones)
  2. making your iPhone a social communications device, for free
  3. p2p could be used to download and share music, for free
  4. battery life decreased more than 60 seconds
  5. turning iphone into free wifi hotspot takes away from ATT/Starbucks hot spot access
  6. cause ATT to discontinue distributing Apple revenue (due to #2, #3, #5 above)
  7. it would compete with Apple’s upcoming “iGPS”
  8. the SDK is really only for making games; Apple makes the real apps
  9. the device would be considered a weapon and be disallowed exportation
  10. iPhone can be used as a guidance control system for ballistics
Personally, I think if Apple were smart, they would realize how much running down a battery would cause folks to buy extra chargers for their car and work place. Oh well.
Top Ten – No Background iPhone Processes

Coding like it’s 1999

Here is my top ten list of “How to code like it’s 1999”:

1. using PHP < 5.3 (4 was beta in 1999)
2. making use of perl for *anything* (see #4)
3. template engines (scope and variable interpolation exist for a reason)
4. Perl6 (active 1999 mailing list)
5. Java Web Applets
6. SELECT * FROM (seriously, get ORM, select only what you need, or quit your day job.)
7. lisp (like a hero from a classic book, tragic)
8. non-functional redirect pages (hello js or location header; good-bye bad knocking off a lame phpbb feature)
9. ActiveX plug-ins (who developers sites with IE, anyways?)
10. SOAP (all your interoperability are belong to SOAP)

In short, if your core application for which your business and revenue suffers any of the above atrocities, step back for a minute and ask yourself if you really know any better? If you don’t, hire someone who does – FAST!

Coding like it’s 1999