Ruby on Rails, Developers, and More: In Demand NOW!

I attended this months SpringStage Startup Happy Hour and came to a conclusion after I spoke with a handful of startup employees and owners: Businesses and startups are hiring.

Update: I failed to post justifying information when I wrote this post. I have had individuals contact me regarding 7 positions since the economy started to take a crap in September. Three for rails development, one for PHP, two for product manager, and one for iPhone development. All of these positions came to me through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and SpringStage.

A few reasons why…

  1. Bootstrapped technology startups have low costs thanks to Amazon Web Services and co-working environments
  2. Marketing expenses create more value because word of mouth is faster and presence in large social networks is free
  3. if a > 12mo old startup hasn’t fallen through the cracks by now, they’re doing pretty damn good
  4. Mobile application platforms are now mainstream
  5. Investors are still investing

If the number of startups looking for good talent in the Dallas area is anything like the rest of the US then it seems to me it won’t take long for our newly unemployed to get back on the saddle.

Ruby on Rails, Developers, and More: In Demand NOW!