TextMate and Logitech Control Center (LCC)

If Logitech’s control center decided to start messing with TextMate, getting weird errors such as those found here, below is simple fix:

Delete the “LCC Scroll Enhancer Loader” folder from `/Library/InputManagers`; it also wouldn’t hurt to delete the LCC scroll enhancer bundle from `/Library/Application Support/Logitech`

Unless you are very picky about scrolling, and Apple’s built-in scrolling options aren’t good enough for you, then this solution is much more sensible than removing LCC altogether. As a quick note, you’ll know if you’re having this particular problem if you see “May 13 13:56:02 hostname <Application>[287]: LCC Scroll Enhancer loaded” in /var/log/system.log, for every application you open.

Thanks to max.goedjen and the folks over in this Growl Discuss thread. If you’re like me and just searching for just TextMate… you might not have found this.

TextMate and Logitech Control Center (LCC)