Web 2.0 Ideas #BarcampAustin

Putting together a Half-Baked Web 2.0 get together ended up with some entertaining startup ideas. I can’t remember them all, but here’s a brief summary.

Epic Fail
Idea: Sharing content, all original – give back revenue like metacafe
Tag Line: screwing up on an epic scale or doing it wrong all day long
Marketing: Viral via browser plugins / xgames, cheap cable (extreme crashing)

This idea was not funded because it was agreed the brand would live up to it’s name.

Purple Energy
Idea: Coaching for your alter ego [in second life]
It was noted this was “coaching” and NOT “psycho-therapy”

The judges determined this was a perfect boot strap idea and could be started immediately and did not require funding.

Idea: Pursue digital attackers after they strike (identify theft, piracy, corporate hacking, etc.)
Logo: A pirate and cross bones, attacking a pirate
Marketing Plan: Free unwarranted security audits (an example of what we’ll do)
Revenue Model: Old fashioned contracts. If you don’t pay…we’ll get the money from you anyways!

This idea was funded for fear of the consequences of NOT being funded.

Green Circle
Idea: A peer-to-peer system for trading carbon credits
Logo: A green circleMarketing Plan: guilt free environmental exploitation
Revenue Model: Transactional feesThis idea genuinely made fun of carbon credits.

It was not funded, as a carbon credit has yet to *really* be defined.

Web 2.0 Ideas #BarcampAustin